WebDesk ERP

WEBDESK ERP Systems, coordinates and distributes information across the organization providing Role Based business processes and information access as well as multiple best practices scenarios that enhance productivity and competitiveness.

Develop Your Business With WebDesk ERP Solutions

Find how endeavor asset arranging (ERP) programming can help you consummate your development arranges and your capacity to execute on them when you get to the WebDesk ERP

Comprehensive real time Reports, Dashboards and Business Intelligence analytics, via a single source of truth improves business insight and decision making.

WEBDESK ERP modules include:

  • Administrator Module.
  • GL Module.
  • Trading Module.
  • SIM Module.
  • POS Module.
  • Logistics Module.
  • HRM Module.
  • CRM Module.
  • Production / Manufacturing Module.
  • Printing and Packing Industry Module.
  • Fixed Asset Management Module.
  • Supply Chain Management Module.
  • Approval Management Module.
  • Shipping Module.
  • Real Estate Module.
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