VAT ERP Software Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah – UAE

Are you VAT ready?

Get ready for the VAT. Calculating the VAT might go vague and disrupting, even it could be disturbing. But you don’t have to worry about it as the ICT Information System offers a committed VAT Enabled ERP Software Solution in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi -
that can take care of all your VAT calculations. Whatever the size of your business is and whatever type it is, this ERP Accounting Software can get you the most accurate calculation, based on your venture and your customers. Moreover, our comprehensive business solutions cover the entire operations necessary to run a concern. Whether it is the procurement, accounts, sale or the inventory management, are all managed through this Best Web Based ERP Software in Dubai.

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Web Based ERP Software in Dubai

The ICT Information System LLC is the hub of all those IT services that are assist in the performance of the business. Moreover, we are the developers of the sole entities that are meant to run a business independently. Such as we provide VAT Enabled ERP Software Solution in Dubai, Cloud / Web Base Application, VAT Accounting Software, HR Software, Payroll Software and numerous others.

We have been providing these services since quite long. Our experience is acknowledged through various business entities, big and small, of every nature. We have served the restaurants, real-estate dealers, retailers, wholesalers, saloons and a lot of other ventures. Certainly, we have laid the foundation of a number of concerns that are flourishing day in and day out.

Never the less, we rank among the Top Software Houses in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi – UAE. Our versatile products are acknowledged & appreciated worldwide. And this all because of our tire-less team that are accredited to work over various advanced technologies that can produce responsive & prompt tools for the business entities.


We rank among best ERP software companies In Dubai

Why ICT Information System L.L.C

The ICT Information System has versatile expertise to enhance your business operations. Our variant experience and knowledge about the high end business development tools enable us to create plausible and scalable solutions. That are mainly the fundamentals of successful business operations that bring in prosperity and progress. Indeed, that is the fruit of our long lasting experience with various business entities.

ICT Information System L.L.C Vision

We visualize the progress of the businesses with the current perspective of engaging competition. Every industry is subject to competition and each candidate has to plan according to their prevailing situations. We have molded our services in a way that should provide strategic solutions to the businesses so that they may earn a good spot in their respective competition.

ICT Information System L.L.C Mission

We don’t aim for the stars or never plan to land on the Mars. Our sole and single objective is bring in the strategic solutions to our clients so that they may really develop and progress. Though, it all depends on the effort you put in. But along with that it even depends on the tools you utilize. So we create those tools in a way that they help our clients definitely gain progress.

Our Services

We are not limited to Web based or VAT Enable ERP Solution, there are various other services that we offer to the business entities depending their need.
Such as we tailor the solutions that are based solely on the nature of the business. Our services include:

Web Design & Development

ICT Information System LLC is one of the leading Web Design Company in Dubai

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Mobile App Development

ICT Information Systems LLC has a wide experience with the Mobile Apps development.

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SEO Optimization

The ICT Information Systems rank among the Top SEO Companies in Dubai.

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ICT Information System LLC Web Development

Social Media Marketing

We have a wide range of social media marketing that could lift the fame of your concern.

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Time Laps Video Production

Time Lapse Video / Film Production is one of the core service ICT Information System offers to its clients.

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ERP Solution

ICT Information Systems L.L.C provides State-of-the-art ERP Solutions in Dubai

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All our ERP software products are created to bring in the strategic resources to the business entities. They are meant for every size and type of business, whether the single owner business or a complete stock holding company. These products take care of everything that goes in your business. From standard sale to the complete warehouse management could all be done in the blink of an eye through are exquisite business oriented products. Some hot cookies include:



A Complete Business Solutions:

The Webdesk ERP is the product from one of the Top Software Houses in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi – UAE. The ICT Systems is the home of all the IT solutions required by the business entities. Whatever a business needs, whether a desktop POS, a VPN based cloud enterprise solution, a module to organize the internal affairs, is on our service list. Certainly, it is undoubtedly a Top ERP Software Companies in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi – UAE. Ahead of that, the ICT is renowned for its Cloud Base Application Development.



ICT Information Systems LLC Project Federal Authority For Government Human Resources

Our Success Story of 2017

Federal Authority For Government Human Resources was established in 2008 under United Arab Emirates Government with the aim to develop Human Resources based on the modern concepts and International criteria applied in the field of Human Resources Management.

In 2017 ICT Information Systems L.L.C was given opportunity to develop Document Management System with Microsoft outlook integrated and stack code which can equipped with all modernize tool, As ICT Information System L.L.C is committed to provide best ERP solution in Dubai UAE, we have successfully developed & delivered our State of the Art WebDesk ERP Document Management System in record time. We proud of our team who successfully Convert a dream into a reality.