Web Based Document Management System (DMS) in Dubai, UAE & Middle East


Are you still relying on the emails and the offline file folders to share and store data? Then you must have gone tired of these lethargic methods. Now is the time to bring in some reform and give a fresh breath to the document management methods.

Document Management System in Dubai:

The DMS Software gives you the complete control of managing your documents, images, videos and the presentations. You can store up to an extensive range of files without even worrying about the space being depleted. Along with the storage, you can make those files available to your colleagues and team members. It is a complete file management suite that works in accordance with the highly recognized DMS and EDRMS standards. It says goodbye to the obsolete, time taking and storage eating techniques. Indeed, it is a dawn to the new era of business file management.

Workflow Management Software:

A smooth workflow processing requires untethering techniques that should go on without any hindrance. This ERP Software incorporates the high transit value characteristics that enable the user to anticipate the fast pace of the business competition. You cannot wait for the broken mail server to get back and deliver you your emails. Instead, this Workflow Management Software is always ready to store and transport your files. This is actually a system that is direly required in the world of today, because of its responsiveness and scalability. Every band of the workflow could be handled using this solution.

Available Online as well as Offline:

The DMS Software could be made available online or offline. It is a Browser Base Application as well as the Cloud Base Application. You can choose as per your need. If you want your files available to you all the time, then our robust Cloud Base Application will you serve with the utmost intelligence. And if you prefer to keep your files in your office and just open them up while sitting on your desk. Then the flexible Browser Base Application can offer you the intuitive and friendly features.

Efficient Storage Database:

Storing is not the only thing essential in managing files. Along with that, the storage management is even quite important. The Document Management System has the efficient Storage Database solutions that assist you in managing your files. You can create multiple folders, can align subfolders or put them in any way as per your choice. Actually, you can manage your data your way without any hindrance. Further, if you someone along with you to administer the data, then you can even adjust the preferences.

Security is Guaranteed:

With the Document Management System, the security of your files is guaranteed. It is a Secure Platform Microsoft certified ERP Software that gets the updated version of all the cyber threats. It ensures the safety of your data to bring you the peace of mind. Phishing, identity theft, hacking or anything else would stay away from your files. Actually, the protection of your data is our priority.

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