WebDesk POS

  • It is the fastest fiscal POS with real time trading from the market.
  • Offers multiple sales methods: fast food, grocery store, general store, etc.
  • Accepts multiple forms of payment: cash, Credit Card, voucher, cheque, etc, integrating automated vouchers computers.
  • Allows integration with mobile sales systems, with POS payment.
  • Enables interconnection with miscellaneous POS weighing equipment.
  • Enables rigorous control of stocks and helps getting the documents related to the sales process quick and efficient.
  • Offers flexibility to the dynamic change of the sale prices.
  • Allows centralized coordination of trade policies.
  • Automates shelf and product labeling.
  • Allows centralized supply based on a need of merchandise and the sales at each store.
  • Performs automated real time inventory using mobile bar code scanners.
  • Allows centralized tracking of costs and sales of the entire stores network.
  • Offers the possibility to analyze the performance of each store by emphasizing the expenditure on cost centers.
  • Allows the realization of complex analysis: at the level of articles, store, vendor, etc.
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