Web Based Logistics Management System in Dubai, UAE & Middle East


The Logistic Management software is your perfect companion in managing your logistic services. Numerous logistic companies have progressed because of this software. Because it keeps them updated with each and every tracking. The secret behind the success of the logistics companies is based on the agility, responsive and Comprehensive Real-Time Reporting ability. It keeps you updated with everything that takes place in your business. From your fleet to your warehouse team, each and everything could be managed with this single ERP Software.

Web-Based Logistic Management System in Dubai:

This is a Web-Based Logistic Management system which encompasses the requirement of the customer interaction interface. With this software you can quote your customers, can book the shipments and schedule a pickup. Further, you can get the online orders with this interface. If your customer wishes to get his package delivered to a consolidation point, then you would not have to search for a consolidation location for him. The Logistic Management would find that for you. In addition to that, it will keep you and your customer updated on every step of the tracking. And once the shipment is completed, it can even generate the POD.

Cloud and Browser Base Application:

The Logistic Management software is offered as a Cloud Base Application and the Browser Base Application that provides you a broader platform to manage your inward and outgoing shipments from anywhere. This allows you to enhance the administrative rights of your team members in order to synchronize the performance. Its ability to maneuver allows you to catch with every moment of the tracking so that you can keep your client updated. Moreover, it could be used on multiple devices. You are not bound to just pull it over your computer system. You can use it anywhere and anytime.

VAT Enabled:

It is a VAT Enabled Logistic Software in UAE. It simply means that you do not have to comprehend on spending more budget for acquiring a VAT accountant who would calculate the VAT. Instead, this software accumulates the VAT at every transaction. What amount you have to pay and what is the payable amount for your customer is all displayed. And above all, every calculation performed by this software is 100% accurate.

It is For Everyone:

The Logistic Management Software is made for everyone. Whether you completely are a shipper or have a shipping department in your business, all could be managed through this interface. It has the solution for every logistic center. You need the monthly analysis of fuel, mileage covered, revenue generated or the maintenance cost, could all be extracted through Logistic Management. Moreover, it provides you with the performance analysis that can help you improve your shipping sector.

Lower Your Expenses:

With the Logistic Management Software, you can cut the expenses. As it certainly eliminates a lot of unnecessary costs that is vitally equipped in every shipment transaction. Further, it is available at a very competitive price which is unbeatable in the market for this quality.

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