VAT Enabled Retail POS Software in Dubai, UAE & Middle East


The POS Module is a Point of Sale Software in Dubai. It is one of the branches of the Webdesk ERP. It is one of the Best Point of Sale Systems for Small Business. Besides, it is not just a solution for particularly the small business. It even incorporates the operatives for the medium-sized and large-scale businesses. And it does not matter what business type you need it. This solution is comprehensive enough to cater the needs of every type of business. Whether it is a restaurant, a retail store or a beauty salon, it suits everything.

Well, you do not even have to worry about weighing the items separately and them billing them. Simply connect the weighing equipment to this POS Module and get everything done in a very short time. And even you do not have to exert more energy for a single transaction.

The Webdesk POS Module has improved the Retail Software Solutions in Dubai. Through its detailed operation, the businesses are not just left with the simple sales and the sales calculation. Instead, it covers a wide range of operations including the revenue calculation, reporting, stock management and has enough threads to pull in everything you have on your shelves. Moreover, its performance speed is even quicker than a lot of other solutions available in the market. It certainly could perform twice as fast as they do. It captures every transaction is the scope of the real-time market processing. Certainly, the Webdesk POS Module is a Retail Management System in Dubai by every means.

This is a Web-Based Point of Sale System which enables the user to make his reports available on various platforms. This module not just operates over the computer systems. It even supports the smartphone platforms so that the business owners could stay aware of their business standings.

This POS Software Solution in Dubai offers various methods for collecting payment. It supports the cash, credit cards, gift vouchers and a number of other payment equipment. It simply empowers the entrepreneur to expand their venture over a wide range of global transactions.

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