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It has always been a doctrine that payroll management is the toughest, complicated and sensitive performance in any business. But now is the time to amend this statement. The ICT Information System offers a comprehensive and reliable Payroll Software that can generate the payment statements within just a few clicks. With this software, you can ensure accuracy and precision that would not only help you saving time, but would even save you a lot of money. Further, the more you explore it, the more interactive features you would find in it.

Cloud Based Payroll Software in UAE:

This Payroll software travels with you. Wherever you go, it will come along you. It is because it is a Cloud Base Application that can be handled anywhere in the world. You are not bound to just sit in your office and generate the payroll statements. Whether you are at your home, at lunch, in the park or while taking dinner, you can do the payroll job. Further, there are no such worries that you should always have your system up to run this software. Just with a single link you can log in to your profile and do the job. On top of that, you can even share the payment slips and invoices with your employees without even logging into your email.

Comprehensive Storage Database:

Besides the general payroll processing, this software offers you a comprehensive Storage Database system. Using this feature you can save the data of your employees, can create portals for your employees to check their remuneration and can even provide them with the history of their total paychecks. Certainly, it eliminates a lot of your paper job and saves plenty of time that you had to spend on creating the salary slips and printing them. Indeed, that is why this is the Best Payroll Software in Dubai.

Best Payroll Software for Small Business:

Small businesses tend to save the budget for development. But the static payroll generation takes away a hefty portion for the wager of the payroll staff and the stationery required. With the Payroll Software, you can easily get rid of the extra payments that you have to make to the payroll staff and can even save money on stationery, as it won’t go wasted at all. Everything would be finalized by the software without any glitch or error. And of course, you would not have to take more prints to just seek the errors. Further, the Payroll Software is born an economic price tag that is bearable for every business entity. You don’t have to worry about the leasing, installments and the support payments. Instead, within a single price, you will get everything.

Deposit Options:

The Payroll Software supports numerous deposit options through which you can transfer the payments without even getting to your bank. Even, you don’t need your internet banking or the banking apps to pay the salary. Just simply tell the Payroll Software and it will put the salary into the bank account of your employees.

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